Art competition and sustainability

by Helene Hoffmann, Attica Zoological Park (Greece)

Every winter, the Attica Zoological Park runs a nationwide art competition for children 5-15 years old to creatively learn about the threats that penguins and other sea birds face in the wild.

This year the focus was overfishing and the importance of choosing sustainable fish! We partnered with the EAZA Which Fish? Campaign to spread the message of how modifying our own behaviors can help seabirds like the penguin and other species that depend on fish for their survival.

Awareness was raised among families but also in schools! We reached almost 2000 individuals and 317 schools with our newsletter about the competition and the campaign message.

125 children directly participated in the competition and we selected the best five works that demonstrated understanding of the problem. The results of the competition can be found on our site and some selected art works here!

Why don’t we share the fish ¬© EMEDOF preschool
Only one fish …who will get to eat it? ¬© Bodin preschool