The Which Fish? Campaign

Oceans cover approximately 70% of the volume of our planet and provide resources to millions of people. Human activities such as overfishing, destructive fishing practices and marine pollution are the main threats for the oceans to continue providing ecosystem services and essential food resources.

Fish and aquatic invertebrates are essential for human consumption and to sustain coastal populations by providing their income. There is a general consensus of the need to conserve and properly manage fish stocks to avoid massive unintentional losses.

This Campaign addresses how commercially-based human activities impact marine species conservation. It focuses on how zoos and aquariums work and will encourage participants to make real changes to their working practices by applying the already shared vision to united objectives for marine biodiversity management and protection.

The campaign is developed along three different axes:

1) Human sustainable consumption
2) Sustainable animal feed
3) Collection planning for sustainable aquatic species

Find more information about the campaign – that was held in 2020 and 2021 – and how you can still get involved in the Which Fish? Campaign brochure - English version (3516 downloads ) .

The Campaign Partners

The Campaign Team

The following people are making this campaign possible:

Chair: Claudia Gili, Acquario di Genova (Italy)
Co-Chair: Florence Huron, NausicaĆ” Centre National de la Mer (France)
Co-Chair: Bruna Valettini, Acquario di Genova (Italy)
EAZA Executive Office liaison: Laura Myers, EAZA Executive Office (the Netherlands)
Website/Communication: Sandrine Camus, EAZA Executive Office (the Netherlands)
Education coordinator: Daniele Rizzelli, ZooMarine Italia (Italy)
Marketing/Media: Anna Mielnikiewicz, ZOO Wroclaw (Poland)


EAZA is supported in its work by the European Union LIFE NGO funding programme. The European Union is not responsible for the views displayed in publications and/or in conjunction with the activities for which the grant is used.