As part of the Which Fish? campaign, we are also inviting campaign participants to commit to raising funds for projects linked to the campaign axes.

The campaign committee is currently in the final stages of selecting projects to be funded, so please check back before the end of 2019 to see further details. We encourage all campaign participants to choose fundraising as one of their campaign commitments, and choose the level of fundraising that is right for their institution.

We are considering projects in the following categories:

  • Supporting the creation and enforcement of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) that will protect species currently affected by, or at significant risk of being affected by unsustainable harvesting. (Links to axes 1, 2, and potentially 3)
  • Supporting research into the development of alternative animal feeds, reducing the need to rely on marine products (links to axis 2)
  • Supporting the development of a Europe-wide platform which will facilitate zoos and aquariums being able to access quality, sustainable fish to be used as animal feed (links to axis 2)
  • Supporting the development and delivery of training to support aquarists and curators across Europe with implementing ex situ breeding protocols and developing more sustainable institutional collection plans (links to axis 3)

Projects will be funded in the order listed above, according to the priorities determined by the Campaign Committee. If fundraising targets are exceeded, the Campaign Committee will open a call for projects relevant to the Which Fish? campaign goals to apply for grants.